Ava McHugh

Ava McHughreturns to the Off-Broadway stage this season after a brief European tour. Ava spent her time abroad mostly eating pastries, visiting castles and causing trouble in another time zone. Quick to break into song and dance, Miss McHugh had the opportunity to entertain people from all over the world while traveling, even if they didn’t request it. She has just arrived home and is eager for another great run on stage at the Player’s Theatre in NYC. Ava is no stranger to the stage. She has brought many audiences to tears with her poignant performance as Tiny Tim in Sgouros and Bell’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ two years running. She also appeared as a singing and dancing mouse in Literally Alive’s ‘Cinderella’ right here at The Player’s. She would like to thank her friends and family for coming to the show and would like to assure everyone in the audience that she will be available after the show for autographs.